Caleb Carpenter Signs with Greenville College

Caleb Carpenter signed with Greenville College to play soccer. 

He was the point person, the one to get the ball to, and the team’s leading scorer.

And after graduation, he will be heading to Greenville, Illinois.

Senior forward Caleb Carpenter signed a letter of intent to play soccer for the Greenville College Panthers


“Greenville College has a great community and wonderful Christian atmosphere,” Carpenter said. “And the soccer is really good there too.”

The leading scorer for the Arrows his senior season, Carpenter racked up an extraordinary 22 goals and 6 assists.

Carpenter also served as team captain during his junior and senior seasons, and was named Most Valuable Player his senior year as well as Best Offensive Player his junior year.

“Caleb is a big strong kid who definitely developed as an attacking player this year and came in big in a lot of games for us.”



Carpenter was previously selected to be part of the Mississippi ODP team and is a member of the Mississippi Brilla Team.

Caleb is the son of Greg and Shelia Carpenter.

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