Lefty Courtland Posey to Play Baseball for Hinds Community College

Courtland Posey signed a letter of intent to play baseball at Hinds Community College. (Photo/Robert Chapman)

Quality hitting, pitching and fielding is a necessity on the diamond, but when a southpaw fills up all three categories, something special is bound to occur, and Courtland Posey is something special.

IMG_0047.JPGOn Monday, March 5, Courtland Posey signed a letter of intent with Hinds Community College to play baseball for the Eagles and coach Sam Temple in Raymond.

“I felt Hinds was the best place for me,” Posey said. “I know they will get me better at pitching and hitting by maturing me and my game.”

During his junior year, Posey displayed quality numbers, throwing for a 1.21 ERA during 34.2 innings and racking up 36 strikeouts. He limited his hitters to a .218 batting average against him.

“Posey is one of the craftiest lefties I’ve seen in a long time,” Clinton Baseball head coach Trave Hopkins said. “His pick-off move is so good, sometimes I wonder if he walks the guy on purpose just so he can pick him off. He’s a great teammate and a great leader, and I’m sure that his work ethic will help push his talents to the next level.”

At the plate, Posey hit for .365 with 4 doubles and 22 RBIs coming off 31 hits. He also collected 8 stolen bases.

His presence in left field has been key, making only 2 errors last year with a .941 fielding percentage.

Courtland Posey is a member of the National Honor Society and was First Runner Up in the 2017 CHS Beauty and Beau Pageant. He is the son of Nikita Barnes.

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