FAQ: How To Become A High School Referee?

To become an IHSA official, you’ll need to submit an online application and, after you’ve received a rule book from the IHSA, take an online, open-book rules examination.

How do you become a high school football referee?

The best way to become a football referee is through state approved boards which educate officials to work high school and youth games. These local associations generally offer classes and clinics to certify and prepare football referees for at all pre-college levels.

Can you be a referee in high school?

The process of becoming a referee or umpire begins at different times for different people. To be certified to referee at the high school level, almost all states require that you be at least 18-years-old. Sometimes younger referee candidates are allowed to begin the training process before their 18th.

How do you become a referee?

How to become a referee

  1. Obtain a high school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Choose the sport you want to officiate.
  3. Obtain specific training.
  4. Complete state registration.
  5. Gain experience for career advancement.
  6. Become certified.

How do you become a referee at 15?

1. The best way to become a youth referee is through approved boards which educate officials. You must be certified and every youth sports referee needs to attend and pass a referee’s course. You can find more information about these courses by clicking here.

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How much does a referee make?

Based on Indeed Salaries data, the average salary for a referee is $13.62 per hour, which is approximately $27,000 a year.

What age can you become a football referee?

The FA Referee Course 14 years old is the minimum age you must be to qualify as a referee. How much does the referee course cost?

How do you become a football referee?

A referee needs to be active in their state for 365 days as a Category 3 referee or assistant referee and he/she must officiate at least 30 matches in their top level of the state league matches before state nominates the individual for Category 2 Exam which will be conducted by the AIFF.

How do you become a high school umpire?

To become a professional umpire, you must attend a professional umpire school. The schools are generally five weeks long. The top students are selected for an extra one-week evaluation program conducted by the Professional Baseball Umpire Corporation.

Do referees go to school?

Education and Training Requirements There are no specific educational requirements to become an NFL referee, though it is expected, that they would have passed high school and would have a bachelor’s degree. NFL referees need to have at least 10 years of officiating experience in football games.

Is being a referee a job?

Referees officiate games or competitions. They explain and enforce rules, assess penalties, signal the start and end of games, stop play for reviews as needed and inspect sports equipment prior to the start of games. They might work for professional sports organizations, schools or community sports organizations.

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How much do NFL refs make?

While the exact number is not known, the most commonly reported number as of 2019 was between $40,000-$50,000. There is also an increased amount made for other playoff games, while the Super Bowl offers the biggest paycheck.

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