FAQ: How To Plan High School Reunion?

This article will teach you tricks on planning the best high school reunion.

  1. Start Early. Remember that you’re coordinating an event for hundreds to thousands of people.
  2. Track Down Classmates.
  3. Pick a Venue.
  4. Plan Activities.
  5. Have an Open Bar.
  6. Promote the Event.
  7. Send Out Paper Invitations.
  8. Plan Auxiliary Events.

Who is supposed to plan a high school reunion?

Typically, the Class President forms and leads a planning committee. A great way to get more engagement is by starting a Facebook group! Your high school may also have an alumni database if you want to try and contact members of your class that way (just keep in mind that many addresses may be old).

How much does it cost to plan a high school reunion?

So What Is The Right Price For A Class Reunion? For one day class reunions, a price lower than $50.00 per person is generally acceptable. For a weekend event, a price around $100 brings the most people. Setting the price for a class reunion requires a lot of thought and research.

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How do high school reunions happen?

Reunions are Not sponsored by the schools or the districts of the attendees. The events are organized by volunteer committees of about ten people or more who have formal meetings during the year or so leading up to the reunion. Normally at least a couple of members were student government leaders during high school.

How do you arrange a class reunion?

Plan your class reunion on a weekend, specifically on a Friday or a Saturday and do it in late summer or early fall. Plan activities that can have an impact on your reunion. It might be a good idea to plan a few speeches, do a tribute to classmates that have passed away over the years.

Do you bring spouse to high school reunion?

Yes, this is a time to catch up and get sentimental, but do your best to introduce your significant other to everyone and include him or her in conversation. Also, give your significant other the option of coming with you.

Are high school reunions worth going to?

In truth, if you have the time, means and inclination to go, your high school or college reunion can provide a rare opportunity to gain perspective on your life and enable you to attend to some of your unfinished emotional business.

How do you pay for high school reunion?

How to Collect Money on a Website for a Class Reunion

  1. Pull payments through PayPal. PayPal, a well-known, reputable third-party payment processor, is a good choice for collecting money on a website.
  2. Checkout with Google.
  3. Try Chipin.
  4. Use Eventbrite.
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What do you do at a 50th high school reunion?

50th High School Reunion Ideas

  • men laughing 50th high school reunion.
  • decorate with balloons.
  • make name tags.
  • couple dancing to music from their highschool era.
  • have schoolmates give speeches.
  • visit a thrift store for clothes from highschool years.
  • couple looking at photos from reunion.

What is the average cost of a class reunion?

The average reunion ticket price is $75 per person, which is usually enough to create a special event, yet still be affordable.

What do you say at a high school reunion?

Tell them where you went and what you saw. You may also tell them your future plans to travel after retirement as well. Consider bringing photographs of your favorite trip to show your classmates, too. Your class reunion may even be an opportunity to arrange a trip with an old flame or former friend as well.

What month are class reunions usually held?

Popular times for high school reunions are September and October, because of homecoming and football games, and around Thanksgiving or Christmas, when classmates are already home for the holidays.

Should I go to my 50th high school reunion?

You should go to your 50th reunion for the simple fact and joy that you’re still alive. It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to attend. Being alive is the point: it’s everything. If your class decides to hold a reunion after the 50th, an even higher percentage will be gone.

When should you start planning a class reunion?

You should start planning your reunion at least one year in advance. This will give you time to send invitations, secure a venue, and work out the logistics.

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What do you do at a class reunion?

Class Reunion Games And Activities

  • Host A Cocktail Hour. On Friday, most classmates will have had a long day of travel so keep things informal.
  • Class Reunion Ice Breakers.
  • Jog That Memory.
  • Team Jeopardy.
  • Melody Match.
  • Name Tag Hunt.
  • DJ Led Dance Party With Songs From Your Graduation Year.
  • Speeches.

Who throws a high school reunion?

Step 1: Form A Committee Planning a high school reunion typically falls on the class president as well as class officers, but there’s no hard and fast rule that it has to be one of them. Perhaps the class president has moved far away or just has little interest in organizing the get-together.

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