FAQ: What Do Cords Mean At High School Graduation?

What does High School Graduation Cords Mean? Graduation Cord expresses as an extra honorable badge of excellence, which you will be awarded while receiving a diploma or degree by the college or university officials.

What do the cords represent at graduation?

A graduation rope, or honor cord, is worn to represent an achievement of the student or their participation in a specific group or study, which is identified by the color or colors of the cord.

What do the white cords mean for graduation in high school?

White. This formal and clean shade often honors graduates in the Humanities and Arts. The Music Honor Society, French National Honor Society, Alpha Kappa Mu, and Sigma Theta Tau also wear white cords. White symbolizes purity, spirituality, and possibility.

What do blue cords mean at high school graduation?

Royal blue honor cords bring a sense of seriousness and regality to any graduation ceremony. Though the royal blue honor cord is sometimes used to denote success in leadership, community service, or in studying the social sciences, it is most often used as a more general acknowledgement of superior skill in academia.

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What GPA do you need to get a cord?

Graduating With Honors Requirements: Graduation with honors cum laude requirements vary. Cum laude grade point average estimates: gpa for cum laude – 3.5 to 3.7; gpa for magna cum laude – 3.8 to 3.9; gpa for summa cum laude – 4.0+.

Do graduate students wear honor cords?

Some schools want students to select one stole and/or tassel indicating their highest honor (as colleges do), while others will allow students to wear as many of each as they like. And the graduate can wear as many honors cords as they earn.

What does a brown graduation cord mean?

Brown Honor Cords for Graduation and Commencement The brown honor cord is a symbol of focus, power, and determination for success. Graduates who don brown graduation cords are most often recognized for their success in the fields of business, drama or the sciences, such as geography.

What does a red white and blue graduation cord mean?

Wearing these red, white and blue honor cords provide military service graduates the opportunity to publicly highlight their military service during their graduation ceremony.

What does a red and white graduation cord mean?

Red and White Graduation Cords are braided honor cords that have both the color red and the color white in one cord. The tassels at the end of the cord are four inches long each, and include both colores divided equally. These cords could be a great way to reward students who are members of the fraternities.

What is a gold cord at graduation?

Gold: This is the most popular cord color on graduation day. It can signify Latin honors for a high GPA, National Honor Society membership, and other academic honors.

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What does a teal graduation cord mean?

Some academic honor societies use teal graduation cords to award special honors to their members, or to students who have shown particular talent in the social sciences, but the teal honor cord can be offered to any students who have shown their ability in the academic world in a special way, like by participating in

What does a blue and gold cord mean?

The royal blue honor cords embody endurance, trust, and leadership and the gold honor cords embody success, optimistic and wealth.

What is highest honors in high school?

Summa cum laude is the highest Latin honor awarded to students with the highest GPA (3.9–4.0 or top one to five percent) while magna cum laude is the second-highest honor awarded to students with a GPA between 3.7 and 3.8, or top 10 to 15 percent.

Do you get cords for honors classes?

Graduation cords are long, thin, colored ropes with tassels on each end that are worn around the neck during commencement ceremonies. These cords recognize graduates with academic honors or who have participated in certain groups or clubs, in colors determined by each school or club.

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