Often asked: How To Obtain A Copy Of High School Diploma?

Call or email the school district directly and tell them that you need a copy of your diploma. Again, they should have records for every student that went to school in your district. They should be able to send you a copy of your diploma no problem.

Where can you get a copy of your high school diploma?

The Department of Education will have records for current and past high schools, and they should be able to put you in contact with someone who can help you get your diploma. Be ready to give them your name, the name of your high school, the town your school is or was located in, and the year you graduated.

How can I get a high school diploma equivalent?

A person 18 years or older who has been out of school for at least 10 consecutive months and who passes all five tests in the General Educational Development (GED) test battery with a minimum standard score of 4501 or better on each test will be granted a High School Equivalency Diploma.

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How can I find my school records online?

Depending on your school district, you may be able to request your transcripts online, over the phone, or through the mail. You can search for your school district at the National Center for Education Statistics website.

How do I get a copy of my diploma certificate?

Just follow these simple steps for success.

  1. Contact the Office of the Registrar at the college or university you attended.
  2. No one else can request a new diploma for you.
  3. Expect to pay a fee.
  4. Only mailed, written requests will be processed.
  5. Find out if you need a notary.
  6. Expect the process to take some time.

Can I get my high school diploma online?

You can still earn an accredited high school diploma entirely online. You can take the GED, TACS, or HiSet at an official testing center, or you can earn the official high school diploma 100% online.

How can I get my high school diploma if I dropped out?

Can I get a diploma without taking additional courses? You can take one of two national tests – the High School Equivalency Exam or the GED – instead of completing coursework. If you pass one of these tests, you will get the equivalent of a diploma.

What is the difference between high school diploma and certificate?

Certificates are generally different than diplomas because they are given out to students who have passed a particular course of study not necessarily related to high school graduation requirements. Some colleges simply call their certificate programs “diploma” programs. The difference is in name only.

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Can I request a copy of my child school records?

You can often obtain that form through your child’s school, or by simply writing a letter to the school principal or special education director, requesting a copy of school records. School districts usually provide the first copy of records for free.

How do I access my high school transcripts?

If you are currently enrolled in high school, the best way to request your transcripts is to request them from your school. You can usually request your transcripts from your high school’s registrar, student services, or student counseling office.

How can I get a copy of my GED diploma?

The free printed diploma can be ordered in your GED® account at GED.com. After logging in, go to My Scores and select Order Duplicates. Select Diploma option and then select the Printed Diploma – Free option. You will then be asked who and what address you want the diploma to be mailed to.

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