On High School Story How Do You Date?

General. The Isle of Love is a place where you can send your classmates (of any gender) to make them a couple. The seven dating stages are Flirting, Crushing, Online Official, Sweethearts, In Love, Head Over Heels and Over the Moon. The date is real and they will become a couple, if the date is successful.

Can you date Max in high school story?

You and Max remain on tentative terms as the story progresses, although you do team up with him later to take down Ace. However, you can choose to date him for real in the Fantasy Photo Booth, and you will see a whole new side to Max if you do.

Is there an end to high school story?

High School Story will release its finale quest two weeks from now, on June 18th, alongside a final update in the following weeks. We’ll be sad to say goodbye, but we hope you’ll tune into this last quest with all your friends — Autumn, Julian, Payton, Wes, Mia, and so many more classmates.

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How do you get a hangout on high school story?

The Prep Hangout can be bought from the Store for 500 coins and takes? hours to build. Its capacity is three students and holds a maximum of 1,000 coins. At Level 7 the Prep Hangout can be upgraded for 20,000 coins and takes 10 hours to complete.

How do you get Ellie on high school story?

General. Ellie is a Mascot All-Star in High School Story. She can be purchased for 300 rings and can be placed in either the Prep Hangout, Jock Hangout or Artist Hangout. She is unlocked at Level 6.

How many levels of dating are in High School Story?

The seven dating stages are Flirting, Crushing, Online Official, Sweethearts, In Love, Head Over Heels and Over the Moon. The date is real and they will become a couple, if the date is successful.

How many levels are there on High School Story?

Split into three “Books” composed of fifteen chapters each, the story focuses on a new character created by the player who transfers to Berry High. Alongside original characters, Julian, Payton, Mia, Autumn, Koh, Sakura, Ezra, Nishan, Kara, Max and Wes appear in these Books, as does Hearst High as the rival school.

Will there be a book 4 of High School Story?

We can’t believe the time has come The final chapter for the entire High School Story series is out!

Who does Julian like in High School Story?

Payton. Payton seems to harbor romantic feelings for Julian.

What is the story of high?

Shiv Mathur (Akshay Oberoi) is an addict struggling to get a grip on his life and eventually finds himself in a rehab facility. The rehab is run by Doctor Roy (Prakash Belawadi) and two other junior doctors, Shweta (Shweta Basu Prasad) and Nakul (Nakul Bhalla), who are working on a mysterious compound.

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How do you get rings fast on high school story?

Ring are the most exclusive currency and can be earned in a variety of ways: answering surveys in The Dish, completing Time-Sensitive Quests, Seasonal Quests, watching advertisements, completing levels on Extra Credit, visiting friends’ schools, linking friends, and when a couple reaches a new level in Dating.

How many hangouts can you have in high school story?

General. In the game there are different types of buildings. Each building has different costs and different functionality. They are: the Admissions Office, Classroom, Fantasy Photo Booth, Isle of Love, Library, Party Central, The Dish, and eleven types of hangouts (so far).

How do you level up in high school story?

When you gain enough XP from completing certain quest, and the green bar fills up, you will level up and unlock new features and rewards. High School Story encourages you to post to social media every time you level up, however this is optional.

What happened to surviving high school?

Some of the characters from Surviving High School now feature in the sister game High School Story by Pixelberry Studios. On April 30, 2014, it was announced during one of the episodes that the game would be ending soon. The final episode was released in July 2014.

How do you get Callie in high school?

She was introduced in the 2014 Winter update of High School Story, along with the Library and Extra Credit feature. 340 Pencils in total are needed to unlock Kallie at the Library by completing the Extra Credit levels. She is unlocked at Level 32 of the Library shortly after the All-Star Football game.

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