Question: Video Game High School Where To Watch?

You are able to stream Video Game High School by renting or purchasing on Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes.

Is Video Game High School on Netflix?

We are pleased to announce that the entirety of Video Game High School is now available for your consumption on Netflix!

Is Video Game High School on Hulu?

Hulu has greenlit a long-form comedy series from RocketJump, the digital studio behind the YouTube hit series “Video Game High School,” and Lionsgate. Full episodes will be released exclusively on Hulu on a weekly basis, along with the newly created shorts.

How many episodes does Video Game High School have?


Did Netflix remove VGHS?

We aren’t losing a ton this month, but we are losing the comedy Video Game High School on April 13th, so if you’re trying to get your binge on, you better hop to it.

Is there a real video game high school?

Video Game High School (VGHS) is an elite and prestigious facility that teaches a curriculum of video games of all genres.

Will there be a VGHS season 4?

Season 4. Although VGHS was discontinued, there is a 1 hour long story break that you can find here that includes the possibilities of a future season and what the creators would have done.

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Where is VGHS?

Filming Location The VGHS Campus is filmed at CSUN (California State University of Northridge).

Why did rocket jump stop uploading?

2011–17: RocketJump shorts and Video Game High School The team was able to raise funding for the series through Kickstarter, where they set a funding goal for $75,000 to be raised in a 30-day period. RocketJump stopped uploading videos altogether in 2018, after the second season of Anime Crimes Division.

How did VGHS end?

As Ashley fires at Brian, Jenny fires a shot from her sniper and kills Ashley. Brian finishes entering the detonation code and the bomb explodes, meaning VGHS have won the game.

Who plays Dean?

Though the Video Game High School series chiefly revolves around Brian D’s game of choice, the fictional first person shooter Field of Fire, multiple other fictional games are featured and played throughout the series.

What game is field of fire based on?

Field of Fire is a fictional video game that prominently appears in Video Game High School as one of the main games for Seasons 1 and 2. It is based off of most modern FPS games, but takes most of its inspiration from the Battlefield series.

Was the law Aimbotting?

Season 2. After the FPS tryouts, The Law was sent to court and was found guilty for aimbotting by Anti-Aimbot Association. It is unrevealed why The Law had come back to VGHS, but it is revealed that he was made Brian’s roommate by Matrix because she wanted to remind him how much of a failure he was.

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