Quick Answer: What To Wear To High School Graduation Male?

A suit is always an appropriate choice for graduation ceremonies. For most high schools, a pair of dress slacks and a button down, with or without a tie, or polo shirt are acceptable attire for male graduation guests.

What should a guy wear to a high school graduation?

Male guests wear dress pants with collared shirts or may wear full suits. Female guests wear sundresses that fall near the knee, blouses and skirts or dress pants with blouses or collared shirts. Guests generally don’t wear T-shirts, jeans, casual shorts, casual sandals or revealing garments, like strapless tops.

What should guys wear to graduation?

Brown oxford shoes, black watch, and short sleeved white collared dress shirt. Wear this in the summer if you’re going to be graduating outside in hot weather. Full-sleeved black sweater with jeans that look good on most guys. A collared dress shirt and dark tie.

What do you wear when you graduate high school?

When you are going to a high school graduation, you should aim for business casual attire. This means that men might wear slacks, button downs or polos. Women might choose a dress suit or slacks and a blouse.

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Do you zip up your graduation gown?

When you put on your gown, slip your hands through the wrists’ opening, which will cause the back of the sleeves to hang down. Remember: the zipper should zip up the front and your hemline should fall below the knee and above the ankle. Whether you wear flats or heels, it won’t affect the hemline.

Are you supposed to zip up graduation gown?

Remember, at some schools, a tie will show underneath your robe, so plan accordingly. Place your gown on you as though you were putting on a jacket. Zip up the front of the gown.

What should you not wear to graduation?

Being Underdressed or Overdressed Clothes that are too formal, or not formal enough, will make you feel out of place when you should feel relaxed. Wearing jeans to your college graduation probably isn’t a smart choice, but a ball gown isn’t quite right, either. Aim for business or business casual for the ceremony.

What should a guest wear to a graduation?

It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. If the invitation doesn’t specifically state the dress code, go with a nice dress or skirt/slacks with a blouse combination. It’s a safe bet and you’ll always feel more comfortable dressed up than dressed down. Don’t wear jeans!

What side does the tassel go on for high school graduation?

Traditionally tassels are worn on the right side and moved to the left during a special portion of the ceremony for high school graduates. For college graduates, Bachelor again wear tassels on right side until their degrees are conferred, then move to left. Graduate students wear on left from the beginning.

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What do high school graduation gown colors mean?

Silver: Typically represents honors achievements in fields of medical science, math or agriculture. Black: Represents honors achievements in the field of business or economics. Gold: Signifies Latin honors for high GPA, honor society membership and other similar achievements.

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