Quick Answer: When Did The Military Start Requiring A High School Diploma?

The US needs soldiers without enough volunteers, then you can be sure a draft will happen. The news for you is bad. High school diplomas were part of the VOLAR (Volunteer Army) requirement that started in 1972 and was implemented not long after that.

When did the military stop accepting GED?

The Army had an enlistment program especially for people who neither had a high school diploma or GED. This was called the “Army GED Plus Program.” Unfortunately, this Army educational program was discontinued in 2013.

What branch of the military does not require a high school diploma?

The United States Marine Corps, or USMC, is one of the branches of the U.S. armed forces. Different branches of the military have different enlistment requirements, but it is possible to enlist in the Marines without a high school diploma.

Can high school dropouts join the military?

CLASS. Every branch of the military will accept applications from someone who doesn’t have a high school diploma. You must, however, have a GED certificate. Military research has shown that high school dropouts are more likely to have behavioral issues and be discharged from the service early.

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Does the military require a high school diploma?

The military often requires a high school diploma, but it is still very possible for you to become a member of the armed services after you earn a GED. No matter which branch you are looking to serve in, you still must meet the age, citizenship, height and weight, and legal requirements in order to join the military.

What is Tier 2 status in the military?

Tier 2— Alternative credential holders, including those with a General Education Development (GED) certificate of high school equivalency. Tier 3—Those with no education credentials. The Services have different standards for individuals in each tier.

Can you join the Army with tattoos?

The Army tattoo policy for 2021 is fairly loose, among the most liberal tattoo policies in the military along with the Navy. You can NOT have tattoos on your wrists / hands, neck, or face. The only exception to this is a ring tattoo, one per hand. Sexist, racist, extremist, and indecent tattoos are NOT allowed.

Can you be in the military without a GED?

Not necessarily! If you do not have a GED or a HS diploma, the Guard can help. The Army National Guard will pay you to get your GED when you enlist. If you don’t have either a high school diploma or alternate education credentials (GED, National Guard Youth Challenge, Correspondence Diploma, etc) we can help.

Can you get into the army without a diploma or GED?

U.S. Army. In addition to being a United States citizen or permanent resident alien, you must have a high school diploma or GED to join the Army as an enlisted member. You must also meet height, weight and overall physical health standards. The minimum score you can get on the ASVAB test is a 31.

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How tall do you have to be to be in the military?

Height Requirement Height requirements, according to the U.S. Army medical disqualification list, provide minimum and maximum height for both men and women. Men must be between 60 and 80 inches, or 5 to 6.5 feet tall. Women must be between 58 and 80 inches, or 4.8 to 6.5 feet tall.

Can you be deployed at 17?

Before you visit your local recruiter, be sure you meet the minimum qualifications for serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. You must be a U.S. citizen or resident alien. You must be at least 17 years old (17-year-old applicants require parental consent). You must (with very few exceptions) have a high school diploma.

Can I join the military instead of going to jail?

72B, Chapter 3, Section 2, Part H, Paragraph 12 states: ” Applicants may not enlist as an alternative to criminal prosecution, indictment, incarceration, parole, probation, or another punitive sentence. They are ineligible for enlistment until the original assigned sentence would have been completed.”

What GPA do you need to join the Marines?

Pass the ASVAB, with an EL score of 115 or better; or have an SAT score of 1000 or better; or have an ACT of 45 (math+english). Pass a physical examination. Pass, and be competitive, a rigorous Physical Fitness Test (PFT). Be a full time student with better than a 2.0 GPA.

Does military accept online high school diplomas?

Online High school graduates are free to enlist in military. All students are required to take the military’s enlistment test, the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery).

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