Readers ask: Why Did Spingarn High School Closed?

The school, opened in 1952, before the Brown v. Board of Education decision banning segregation, has a rich African American history but was closed in 2013 due to declining enrollment.

When was Spingarn High School built?

Built between 1951 and 1952, Spingarn High School was constructed for the education of African American students, meant to relieve the overcrowding of the other segregated high schools and had been planned for that purpose since the late 1930s.

Who is Spingarn High school named after?

Wyeth and Merrel Coe, municipal architect of the District of Columbia. The building has 225,000 square feet of space. The enrollment rose to 896 pupils in 2009-2010. The school is named after Joel Elias Spingarn, an educator and one of the first Jewish leaders of the National Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

How do you spell Spingarn High School?

Joel Elias Spingarn High School was a public high school located in the District of Columbia, USA. The school is named after Joel Elias Spingarn (1875–1939) an American educator and literary critic who established the Spingarn Medal in 1913, awarded annually for outstanding achievement by an African American.

What time does Forest Park high school start?

Upcoming Events. Official School Hours: by 8:10 a.m. or earlier to avoid tardies. FPHS School Profile – Click HERE.

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How many students go to Forest Park High School?

Baltimore City Public Schools contains 38 high schools.

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